January Manzanilla Chardonnay Zero Percent Aperitif 2022

January Manzanilla Chardonnay Zero Percent Aperitif 2022

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Manzanilla Chardonnay is an aperitif made from Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay, and infused with chamomile flowers, Meyer lemons, elecampane, gentian, cinnamon sticks and red peppercorn.

Aromatically, manzanilla is bright and fresh with floral notes from the chamomile, zesty Meyer lemon, and herby notes from the elecampane.  The palate is refreshing and bracingly bitter from the gentian.  

Serve on ice with a splash of fizzy water to make it a spritz and garnish with lemon. Refreshing as it gets.

January drinks are basically a non-alcoholic tea made from grapes used in our winemaking process, and a selection of fruits, herbs, roots, barks, and other natural aromatic and botanical ingredients. We roast, smoke, steam, or sous vide the fruit, aromatics, and herbs. The pomace and infusion ingredients are steeped in hot water like a huge cup of tea with herbs and spices, filtered and (sometimes) carbonated. It’s a cross between how breweries add hops to beer, then strain them, and how traditional vermouth or aperitifs are made by macerating ingredients in a base wine. 

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