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January Zero Percent Drinks

January 0% drinks are made by the careful hands of Municipal Winemakers, starting with grapes from top terroirs in Santa Barbara that are then infused with all-natural aromatics and botanicals.

Refreshing, bitter, and Ready to SPritz
Manzanilla Chardonnay - Non Alcoholic Aperitif

Manzanilla Chardonnay is an aperitif made from Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay, and infused with chamomile flowers, Meyer lemons, elecampane, gentian, cinnamon sticks and red peppercorn.

Chilled down and ready to crush
Juniper Grenache - Non Alcoholic Crunchy Red

Juniper Grenache is a chillable, crunchy red made from Santa Ynez Valley Grenache, juniper berries, bay laurel leaves, black tea, sumac, angelica root, smoked sea salt, and black peppercorns.