Glug Monthly
Municipal Monthly Wine Club

Get 3 bottles/month for $79
Chosen across our three different labels

We're a small, family-owned winery that makes interesting drinks. We employ three very different schools of thought in winemaking—let's call them progressive, traditional, and natural—in our three unique brands: Muni, Potek and Nowadays. Our home of Santa Barbara informs everything we do—from our laid back vibe, to our community engagement, to the influence of the cold Pacific ocean on the vineyards that grow our fruit.  

All packs are 20% or more off retail price and include free shipping and first dibs on our small production wines and seasonal releases.

How It Works

Three interesting wines delivered to your door for $79/month

Our Club Municipal is a curated, monthly selection of 3 bottles of wine from across our lineup for $79.

Monthly Shipments

Wines go out the first week of the month.  We'll send you an email a week before we charge you, and lay out all the details of what's coming your way.  You can add more wines to your shipment by logging in to your account, or dropping us a line.  

Pause or Cancel Any Time

No long term commitments here. If you need to take a month off, just drop us a line.  You can also choose to send a monthly shipment to one of your friends as a gift!


Wine Club FAQ

Of all the wine clubs on earth - why this one?

So glad you asked. We're a small, family-owned winery that makes interesting drinks. Santa Barbara informs everything we do—from our vibe, to the influence of the cold Pacific on the fruit, to our community engagement. Need a place for your nonprofit bake sale? Call us. We belong to 1% for the Planet. Our shipping is carbon neutral and our vineyards employ sustainable or organic practices.

Is this a good deal?

YES! Your $79 pack will have at least $100 worth of wine in it every month—which means you get a 20% or greater discount on your vino. Shipping usually costs ~$25 / package, and we're picking up that tab because we want to buy your happiness. You also get 20% off all of your other purchases with us, as well as first dibs on our new releases and early access to special sales.

Do you have club subscriptions for your individual labels?

Yes, we do!  We've got a whole range of wine clubs at different price points and frequencies that we've been running for years. If you prefer wines specific to Muni (our more contemporary, progressive label) or Potek (our more traditional wines influenced by French winemaking techniques), we have options for both. Click on one of the links below to find out more.

More Wine Clubs from Municipal Winemakers

En mi casa, we like down to earth, sometimes experimental wines

Muni Wines, like the municipal works that inspired their name, create refreshing, honest solutions to accompany daily rituals. These bottles are intended as a grounded—yet always original—underpinning to life’s rhythms.

My household tends to enjoy wines with a more traditional vibe

Potek wines are made with grapes sourced from the most interesting and pioneering vineyards in Santa Barbara County. We apply traditional French techniques to produce wines that reflect their origin and journey from grape to glass as purely as possible. 


Why Do People Love our Clubs?