Muni and the Apiary did a collab this year during harvest. We made a piquette, which is basically a wine-tea made by rehydrating pressed grape skins with water, and pressing them again. \r\n\r\nPiquette has a history associated with poor conditions, where real wine could not be afforded. The production of piquette was traditionally by poor farmers, or for consumption by farmhands and workers.\r\n\r\nWe produced two lots that were blended together to make the final beverage. The first was Kick on Ranch Riesling which was re-fermented with raw honey from Rancho San Julian. The second was Kick on Ranch Pinot Noir which was re-fermented with caramelized honey also from Rancho San Julian.\r\n\r\nThe finished drink is slightly fizzy and a low 6% alcohol.\r\n\r\nThe only way to get your hands on a bottle of this piquette is to order a to-go meal from one of the following restaurants - Bettina, Bells Los Alamos, Bibi Ji (wines only), Full of Life Flatbread, The Lucky Penny & Lark, Satellite, Sama Sama, Yellow Belly, Milk & Honey, & Third Window Brewery.