Who are the Municipal WInemakers?

At Municipal Winemakers, there are three things we do pretty well: treat customers like friends, take care of our community, and get out of grape’s way to make damn good wine.

Focus On the Fruit

We futz the least amount possible with the fruit to create excellent vino. No sketchy ingredients—wine is juice, after all. But what a juice it is when you adapt to factors like the angle the grapes grew on the hillside. Yup, that’s how carefully we do things.

Call (or text) us. No, really. (805) 931-MUNI

Rosé in the summer? Rich red in the winter? We’ve got you covered. Most importantly, we are real people waiting to pick up the phone and gab about grenache. Whether you’re new to wine-selecting or a seasoned aficionado, ring us up or shoot us a text—we’re here for you! (805) 931-MUNI.

Oh. Hey there.

Oh.  Hey there.  My name is Dave Potter.  I started Municipal Winemakers as a nights and weekends side gig while I was working as a winemaker for a larger winery in the Santa Ynez Valley.

I grew up in Cucamonga (909 forever!), worked cellar jobs around California, earned a MS in Viticulture and Oenology in Australia, and spent some time as an apprentice in the Rhône Valley.  All this is to say that I love the world of wine, and I've spent 20 years! of my life honing the craft.

From the beginning, the goal for Municipal Winemakers has always been pretty simple - to over-deliver on quality at a fair price, but also to be very chill about it. 

We've grown a lot since 2007, and if you want to keep reading, I'd love to share a little more of what we're about.